Will the RTC be usable?

Will the Pokitto include a 32kHz crystal for the Real-Time-Clock (RTC)? This would allow it to be used as an alarm clock or Tamagotchi type games.


@MLXXXp At the moment no. But thats another really good idea that would not be very hard to do. We still have time before we begin shipping. Will be investigated.


Hi. That is a very good idea to have pokitto telling the time and serve as alarm. Then no reason not to bring Pokitto wherever you go :wink:
I’m really excited about this project.


Yep. Agreed. And we still have time to do something about this idea. Not guaranteed, but definitely doable

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Maybe power switch usable for deep power-down mode with RTC clock.

While deep power-down mode processor drain maximum 14uA. I’m not professional maybe it’s not possible but i want to share my findings.

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@MLXXXp RTC crystal will be added

Answer is yes.

EDIT: looking forward to your Tamagotchi game!