[Wiki]Using Pokitto in Fritzing


This Wiki will be about how to use the Pokitto component in Fritzing to create circuit plans

Pokitto Fritzing part v0.2 (thanks @Pharap and @VonBednar!)

Pokitto PEX V2.fzpz (766.4 KB)




Its pretty cool isn’t it? I’ve found Fritzing very useful in the past, can’t wait to create tutorials using Fritzing and Pokitto.

And yes, before anyone complains, I packed 20 Pokittos today.


The pokitto .svg seems to have some strange artifacts (mostly missing shadows here and there), but I don’t think we need to worry about it too much.

But to stay on topic, I am excited to learn about electronics :slight_smile:


Fritzing couldn’t handle the shadows. They were embedded bitmaps.


I’d like to make two suggestions about the .fzp file though.

Firstly I’m not sure ‘J’ is an appropriate label, ‘Pokitto’ or ‘PEX’ might be better if those will work. According to the spec “The element is the part’s default label string when it appears in a Fritzing sketch.” and I think ‘J’ will confuse people.

Secondly the connectors are named ‘pin1’ to ‘pin26’ at the moment and I think it would make more sense to match them up to what the pins are supposed to be called.

See the Pokitto component:

Vs an Arduino component:

Changing these will help beginners and make the part seem that extra bit more professional.


Huh, that’s odd. I guess that’s something Illustrator does for blur+transparency perhaps. I might revisit the svg later this week if needs be to fix it :slight_smile:


Please feel free to fix details and upload an improved part. I have to get back to shipping :smile:


Working on it.

Just to clarify for pin descriptions, what is ‘SWD’ short for on the pinouts?

Don’t worry, I found out.
Serial Wire Debug.



Pokitto PEX V2.fzpz (766.4 KB)

Other than the pins I also changed these bits near the beginning:

 <title>Pokitto Extension Header</title>
 <label>Pokitto Extension Header</label>


Good job! I will make the first post a wiki so that you can add your improved component (wiki in discourse means anyone can edit)


I was eating dinner at the time, otherwise I would have edited it in.


If you get some time free at any point, one thing that would be good to have for this (though not urgent or particularly important) would be to have different coloured versions of the Pokitto, like you can have different coloured versions of LEDs.


Agreed, we need a couple of different colors. @VonBednar: do not start doing anything in Illustrator. Going from SVG to Fritzing takes quite a bit of work, it is easier for me to do it.


No problem. It should be easy to change, there are only 2 green colors - light and dark, so you should be able to change it easily, even going the @Pharap way (just find/replace RBG/hex values in code).


Is there any other way? :P

Inkscape doesn’t produce the nicest of SVGs, from the looks of it all the styles are named with letters of the alphabet, and when they get to z they move into dual-letters (aa to az).

The real problem isn’t replacing the colours though, it’s figuring out how fritzing’s thing supports muliple colour options. That might be an “ask the fritzing forums” job - I tried to reverse engineer the LED component and couldn’t see how the colour list was defined.