Wiki suggestions?

We will now start creating a wiki/online manual to Pokitto.

Any suggestions for wiki/wiki-type framework? Could be hosted offsite also (eg. on Github). Ease of search, navigation collaboration are important.

Maybe you can look into GitBook?

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seems kinda limited on the free option, collaboration with only 5?

idk how good it is but godot documentation uses wich they seem to be using github

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I have been studying options today. Here’s the summary:

  1. Wiki/mediawiki hosted on
  2. offsite wiki using github
  3. wiki using Discourse


  1. extra auth needed & i hate wiki editing tools
  2. good for documenting source but extra auth for community members
  3. auth ready for community, discourse already hs features for wiki. generating static pages from content later is possible

so, #3 it is. expect to see action soon

uhm discourse wiki i have already been using for the tutorials, problem is there mixed with the forum
though just making a wiki/documentation category could work

yep. we will do that. then we will use a system like used in or to periodically generate static pages that could be hosted on github using jekyll

this way we can begin the wiki immediately

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