Wii Classic Controller

I’m not 100% sure where to put this…


Basically, with my code, you can use a wii classic controller with pokitto.

Wire as follows

CLK - P0_4 (I2C_CLK)
DAT - P0_5 (I2C_SDA)
VCC - 3V3

I uses a WiiChuck adapter.


The category is fine.

Could do with some pictures showing it in action though.
Or at least a fritzing diagram or badly drawn paint graphic to illustrate the connections.


Since it shows people how to do something, maybe tutorials.

It would have to have a proper write-up with step by step instructions to qualify as a tutorial.

Functional code and a wiring diagram is just a demo.

It could be made into a tutorial though, if someone were willing to write instructions for setting up the circuit and explaining what each bit of code does.

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