Why I love programming Pokitto

We interrupt normal programming for a feelgood message.

I am finalizing the loader and soon its going to be showtime.

I want to share something with you all: programming this thing is really fun.

The reason why it is so fun is that there are hardly any safety features on the ARM Cortex-M0+

Newcomers do not have to worry about this. You never have to mess about if you do not want. But if you like to experiment, you are in for a treat.

If I say: “Pokitto, please jump to address 0xFOOBAAA, set stack pointer to OUTER SPACE and please put values BANANA, APPLE and KIWI FRUIT into your core registers” it will do that. No questions asked.

If something goes wrong, reset the device. Worst case you need to drag and drop a working binary into the device and you’re back to the races. No way of breaking, unless you physically wire 12V into a processor pin or do something really silly.

Modern programming is layers and layers of dependencies and gigabyte-heavy packages of ugly script crud. This is NOTHING like that. It’s you & the machine.

I feel overjoyed that I will soon be putting these into boxes and letting you all get your hands on this fun little device. Just received letter from our supplier rep Molly in China, the final missing part is on its way, and then assembly begins.

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back to the times when programming was simple and easy …

C64 comes to mind :slight_smile:

That was pretty much my reaction when I started doing embedded work. You actually get to write code, instead of spending a lot of time stitching libraries into frameworks.