Which retro consoles do you own?

Which retro consoles do you own?

Photos strongly encouraged.

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some of my consoles, i also have a pic of some of my handhelds, but i post on mobile, have to check when i am at home


Wow, Mini NES, Mini SNES, C64 Mini ! You have them all. Which of those minis you prefer?


I probably like the c64 most, because you can add a lot of great games (i know with hakchi you can open the nintendo consoles, but i have enough other devices to play my original games, like nes, snes, famicom, pc engine, mega drive and so on)of course PS4 and switch also. Most (not all) of my handhelds you can see here:


Well, since we are sharing :smile:

btw, whats that white console next to qbert ?

(from top left to right : C64, PS3, Xbox,Wii, MegaDrive + megacd + 32X)
(Megadrive + masterconverter, Jaguar, Xbox 360, CDi, Donkey Kong jr. TableTop)
(PS, Megadrive 2 + megacd, Colecovison + atari expansion, PSone)
(Mastersystem mk1, Snes,N64, Dreamcast, Saturn, PS2, Atari 7800, Ormatu)
(Nes, 3DO, atari 2600, Gamecube + gameboy extension, 3DO, master system mk2, Tennisgame)

and a partial view of a Vertrex on the very top


@Rakkachi @Zockeromi Daammnn. You all have some really sweet collections. I don’t know half of them, let alone played them. I got spoiled by having an IBM PC early on (dad’s), so I never got any consoles


It’s a Retrofreak :wink:

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I had a Schneider PC 1512 SD - until then i also knew pong and atari 2600 consoles, but i couldn’t get past the mega drive and game boy.
The gameboy hooked me in nearly the same way the pokitto did - simple concept, lots of games.

Wasn’t the Schneider actually a rebadged Amstrad?

yes, at least that goes for the cpc, but i think mine was different

wow, nice it emulates so many systems :+1:

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yes, i especially like it to play original Hu Cards

I chose both paths :wink: PC`s from MZ-800 and up, and consoles from a Atari 2600 and up. Only ever sold 2 systems from my collection and i still regret those. (3DO and Genesis) Of course I managed to get my hands on these again later.

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cool, many nice games for it ?

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I am a mix of awe and envy.

Windwaker is still one of my favourite ever games.

That’s probably the most limited edition consoles I’ve seen in one place.

I wish I had the room and money for even half of this, but I probably wouldn’t get chance to use it much.
I have some old consoles but they’re boxed away and I spend more time on my computer these days.

My wife and I both have our own Super Nintendo’s. I have a GameBoy, my wife has a GameBoy Color. I have a GameBoy Advanced and an Advanced SP. My wife also has a GameCube that I use to play the majority of my gb/gba games on the tv with. Not sure if those all count… :slight_smile:

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You mean for PC Engine? Oh, yes. Bomberman, Doraemon, Splatterhouse, to name just a few…

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I have:

  • A GBA
  • A GameCube
    • (With the GBA player attachment)
  • A Wii
  • An original DS
  • A DSi
  • A 3DS
  • A ‘new’ 3DS.

The GBA and the GameCube are my favourites and what I consider the ‘golden era’ of video games, despite some of the other consoles having their own classics.

Wear & tear

I swear older consoles were built out of stronger materials.

The GBA and the GameCube have the least amount of damage/wear & tear.
The GBA only has a broken battery clip and a slightly damaged arm strap,
and the GameCube only has a worn-out thumbstick cap on the main controller (mainly due to age and use).

The Wii has a broken controller flap (which actually wasn’t my fault, one of my friends broke it).
The original DS’s top screen is pretty much falling off.
The DSi is broken all around the d-pad where the circular part under the d-pad has pressed up against the plastic.
The 3DS has a dodgy R trigger and many chips and dents.
The ‘new’ 3DS has a screen scratch (from when it got put in a pocket with a pen), an enlarged battery (silly overheating LiPOs) and a dodgy R trigger.

But my game library itself is more impressive.
I’ve never sold any game I ever bought, even the terrible ones.
I haven’t catalogued them but I’m pretty sure I have about 100-200 games.

I think the rarest game I own is probably the Zelda collector’s edition disc for GameCube with Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask on the same disk.

(These days I mainly stick to PC gaming because it’s cheaper and there aren’t enough ‘modern classics’ to justify buying newer consoles.)