Which editor are you currently using to make Pokitto games?

I’m curious as to what the current situation is in regard to editors…

  • VSCode + PlatformIO
  • Atom + PlatformIO
  • Makefiles + GCC
  • Command line PlatformIO
  • EmBitz
  • Mbed online
  • Something else?

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NetBeans and nano, configured to use makefiles and gcc.

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I’m inclined to say that still counts as ‘Makefiles and GCC’.
I probably should have specified it as “An editor, Makefiles and GCC”.

In case anyone is wondering about the motivation behind this one, I want to know what the uptake of PlatformIO has been like and how many people are still using the older IDEs.

Hopefully this will help with making decisions about Pokitto’s future.

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I did use Atom and platformIO but found it took much longer than just using git to clone a few things and setup a makefile.

So yes I’m doing Makefile gcc. Corrected my answer:)

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I am using Embitz (for bins) + Code::Blocks (for the simulator). I really like this way of working.

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I am also using CodeBlocks and EmBitz. CodeBlocks much more as debugging is easier there. I have HW debugger which I use with EmBitz, but as I use -O3 option for maximum speed and that makes the code debugging harder.


Yeah same here

I could never seem to get code::blocks working roght. (Definitely user error).

From these results I guess it’s a shame EmBitz isn’t cross platform.

I’m not sure I’d go back to it though, setting up a project on VSCode + PlatformIO is much easier because you don’t have to mess around with targets.


I’m using vim.

And CLI PIO for the toolchain.

looking at the results im not sure but is platformIO on top?
splinting the numbers really makes this hard to make out

and who is using gcc makefiles? i would like to know how you getting that to work

Not quite, 7 + 7 + 14 = 28, so it’s second.

@FManga is using GCC and makefiles, @torbuntu is too, and I think @drummyfish might be as well.

@FManga published his makefile a while back, but I think it would only work for Linux in its current state.

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Was there anything in the makefile that isn’t compatible with windows/osx?


I got directions on how to do it from a Thread @drummyfish made with great instructions.


I think the template it’s built on is multiplatform and I can’t see any major obstacle for it not to work, let’s try.


I probably had it set up incorrectly, I generally don’t use makefiles.

I might be misremembering and getting it confused with the Code::Blocks thing.

I’m still thinking whether it would be best to just have CMake? I don’t know how it integrates with the embedded toolchain, but apart from that we would then support most build systems, including Makefiles, VS and Code::Blocks, in a multiplatform way.

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It may be a silly question, but what about meson?

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Might be as well, I just know nothing about it, all big projects I’ve ever encountered used cmake. If you know meson, we can possibly try that (TBH I don’t know cmake very much, I’ve only written one serious CMakeFile in my life, all I know is how to build from it).

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Well I’ve been playing with vala for gtk and it uses Meson in GNOME Builder, so far I really like it because I’m so used to gradle :D…