Where does the name Pokitto come from?

I’ve been noticing, especially since games with names like “gamitto” have started popping up, that what looks like the diminutive ending on Pokitto is different from Spanish “ito”. Where does the name Pokitto come from?


The name was given by my 11 yr old son (who was 9 at the time). It started from “Pocket Kid”, then went to “Pokit” and ended up in the diminutive form. At which point we liked the fact that it sounds the same as Poquito = a little bit in spanish.

Pokitto also means the sound of a small stick breaking in japanese. There is even a candy called Poki.


I like it! Thanks for the story. I think those Poki sticks are sold as Pocky sticks here in the States, but if I’m eating sweets, I go straight for the Sour Patch Kids.


Incidentally I stumbled upon an imdb page about a Japanese mini series called “Kokoro ga Pokitto ne”.
The way the lettering is coloured makes me think it was probably supposed to be romanised as “Kokoro ga Pokki tone” but someone messed up. I could be wrong though.

(No idea what it’s about, it’s aparently a rom-com, which makese sense since ‘kokoro’ means ‘heart’. I could probably translate the title if I stopped to think about it.)

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“Pokitto” also sounds like “pocket.” :slight_smile: