Where do I find the hardware blueprints?

This may be a stupid question (sorry if it is), but where can I find the hardware blueprints of the Pokitto device? I mean - the PCB layout, bill of materials, electric diagrams…? I looked around on the wiki, but could only find some ‘how to assemble’ instructions for teens. :slight_smile:

Not that I know much about hardware, but I would find it interesting to know how the ESP is wired exactly, how many layers of PCB there are, how the power supply circuit looks like etc etc. That’s part of the ‘open-source’ thrill, I guess.

What ESP? The Pokitto doesn’t have an ESP chip.

Proves my point :smile:
Indeed there is no ESP32 like in some other projects, but apparently a Cortex MCU. The question remains, though.

Specifically an LPC11U68, which is in the Cortex M0+ family.
All the most important specs and data sheets can be found here:

And info about the PEX is here:

I don’t think we have the PCB layout or electric diagrams anywhere.
I’ve heard them mentioned but I think they’re probably near the back of the ‘to do’ list because so few people have asked for them.

No, it is a very valid question. It’s been on my todo list for too long now.

I (again) promise to do something about this.