Where can the software to create programs be installed?

I know there will be very basic step by step instructions provided for people like my son and I who have zero coding experience. I’m curious if the software for this will be web based and if not, what hardware requirements are there for installation. For example, could it be installed on a Chromebook? Or will it require an actual laptop.

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At this time there is only one development software available is Pokitto Simulator. It can run under Windows and Linux.
After hardwares start shipping, pokitto is mbed device. mbed online compiler usable on Win, Linux and Chromebooks. Also offline compilers are available.

considering chromebooks and other devices that dont have a filesystem. we may need to make a web sprite editor that can give you the code

Sounds good. My son is getting a Chromebook for school and will be available to him at my house and when he is with his mom so that would be ideal for him to be able to work on instead of limiting to when he is with me and has access to my laptop.

I like the idea of a web editor too! We are excited to get started with this.

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Hi Josh! I am travelling with limited net access. I will try to help you out. Maybe a youtube video would be good for getting started?

No rush Jonne. I’m just thinking ahead to when we actually receive the Pokitto. I haven’t had time to install or attempt to do anything with the simulator. Work and Grad School and 3 boys and soccer and, and, and. LOL. Just starting to slow down so I was trying to take a peak at the discussions to see if this had already been addressed. If he can do this on his Chromebook or web based that would be fantastic. Looking forward to receiving!

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I got my son his Chromebook for school. Hoping the web editor system is in the works so he can do everything from his Chromebook instead of my laptop. Fingers crossed!

There is no reason why a chromebook would not work: almost all chromebooks accept USB drives / USB sticks and all Chromebooks are able to access the internet.

No other “requirements” are needed.

So there won’t be any software installation required for programming?

No. mbed online ide works without any installation. You can compile your program and drag and drop to pokitto. Like any other USB drive

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That will be perfect! Just saw the update on the 1000 LCDs that arrived. Very exciting! Thanks for keeping us in the loop @jonne.