When will we be able to buy a Pokitto?


out of stock at the moment!


When will the transparent green be available again?


Depends on how the overall sales develop. Few months perhaps?


Is there any plan to put the cases up for sale separately for people who want to customise?

If so, perhaps doing that would shift some of the case stock to the point that another run would be justified and @Zuzu36 could possibly end up with a transparent green case sooner.

Either that or @Zuzu36 could get another colour now and buy a transparent green front plate when the front plates are being sold?


I’m sure I read a while ago that most of the Pokitto parts will be available for sale. I’m sure @jonne will correct/confirm this.


Yeah, I’m sure it’s almost certainly in the pipeline,
but @jonne will have a better idea of the timescale involved.

Essentially I’m thinking of a possible solution/compromise for @Zuzu36.
It might be that @Zuzu36 is happy to get a colour that they’re less interested in and wait for the covers to be sold separately rather than having to wait a few months to buy a Pokitto specifically to get the colour they’d like.


Yes. As soon as I have restocked on plastic (running a bit low at the moment)