What would you like to see in 2020 in Pokittoland?


The year 2019 was really a great year and had a lot of amazing features and happenings.

Now, what would you like to see happening in 2020 in Pokittoland?


Definitely the Pokitto Magazine, issue #2 !


I would like to see …

  • an article / post on playing music and sound effects
  • better documentation for the API itself
  • … I am going to add a few more soon!


More of the same. Definitely would give pokitto to some bigger youtubers to spread the word


Yes, you are right there

  • Pokitto Magazine issue 2
  • I’d really like to see more hardware projects. I’d also like to do more hardware projects.


Personally what I now want the most is the CC0 minimal library, so much that it will probably be my next Pokitto project after my game – if it’s still not around by the time I finish the game.


At the rate things are going across the globe, Pokittoland will be a strong candidate for the 2020 Nobel Peace prize

(Ok its a joke but I think everyone here understands my concern)