What we need to make Pokitto a successful gaming platform?


A good active community would be a must


Getting there :smiley:


I really own a whole army of consoles and handhelds. For me software sells hardware.
I love announcements for new games (like neo retro does on twitter), so i have something i can look forward to. I also like how some devs advertise their games for c64 mini - the digital download for free or just a few euros, a special edition with lots of stuff to buy, if you want to.
I not only love to play, i also love to collect.
I also love to choose between a wide variety of genres.


Have you ever taken a picture of all? Or just all the handheld consoles?


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Thanks Pharap😉


I’d play the carp out of a Zelda game.


There is an idea for a hat.