What next? Community suggestions for releasing stuff

Hello all

In addition to running the KS project we are preparing for Maker Faire in Bay Area. Leaving in 10 days.

A lot of suggestions have come on what you are interested in learning next.

What in particular would you like us to start adding to Pokitto documentation / Tools / other things first? Pixel tools? Emulator? More info on the API? Info on the hardware?

Discuss. :grinning:

Also: we are not there yet. Please use your networks to inform others of this project. It is very important because Kickstarter will only keep us visible on top of the lists if the community keeps expanding.

I’d like to hear more about the emulator side of things. Is it available yet, what changes are needed between emulator and hardware, that sort of thing.

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For stretch goals, could you include an SD card? Nothing major, game file sizes are most likely tiny, but probably pretty handy to have for sure :slight_smile: oh and maybe some kind of case/sleeve/pouch thing?

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Yes to these.

And regarding [quote=“pixelplatforms, post:4, topic:76”]
For stretch goals,

How about a case, slip case, bag or something. And also color spare button sets / shells for customization. Or custom Kickstarter only color editions, something special for the backers.


Working on these, thanks for the suggestions

emulation and documentation i feel are most important
most of the other tooling the community can take part in


Related to this: Is pokitto powerful enough to run gameboy roms or something like that?

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Yes and no.

I have actually ported Zboy to Pokitto and have run Gameboy Mario ROM on the Pokitto. I think its some sort of a world record. To understand why, Mario Gb rom is 64kb memory space. Pokito has 36kB memory.

The emulation runs too slowly to be playable. But I think there is something wrong in my timing code, because reducing number of scanlines does not help the speed. So I am giving it a mythbusters “plausible” sign

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Please post this footage. Really need to see it!! Even if it runs at a low framerate.

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probebly with heavy modification to the rom it might work, but redistribution of these is legally not advised.

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Pokitto sounds like “a little bit” in spanish :slight_smile:

I would love to see that footage too, maybe with a royalty free gb rom?


not really a thing, even romhacks aren’t exactly legal.
i just dont want the pokitto to get in trouble for some random rom on the site

There are plenty of homebrew gb games around. Most of them really small too.

I have dozens and dozens of homebrew GB games, there’s a big scene around them. Maybe talk to one of the devs and ask if they are interested in porting one over!

I’m really digging a new one I got called Escape 2042, the dev has made it for many platforms, so he might be interested in bringing it over

Here’s his site:

I think @adekto is right. Documentation and emulator is most important part. We can start developing if we have them.

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Yup, I’d love to get started, sounds like fun :slight_smile:

I agree with you all. I was not planning on releasing the tools yet but you have no reason to hang round here until I do.

Lets make a deal: lot of my time goes to pushing Pokitto on Twitter/FB/forums.

You guys take care of that for me tomorrow, get us to 10k and I will use my time to package the simulator environment and write a short guide to get you up to speed.

Fair deal?

Edit: as a bonus i will throw in some footage of super mario world on Pokitto hardware


That is what I thought of when I first heard it. Or like Japanese for “pocket.” Which also makes sense!

I thought the same thing!

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