What image format(s) does the Pokitto use?

We’ve got two different image converters, but nothing documenting the sprite formats expected by PokittoLib.

We could do with a thread similar to the one we’ve got for documenting image modes to document the image format(s).

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Verily, we need a tutorial too lol.

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i think the image formats folow mostly up on the screen buffers since you can use actualy draw on them “ram sprites” or custom buffers.
the main diferenced is at the start of every sprite is the width and height of that sprite
the most commen sprite format is the 16 color pallet 4 bits per pixel wich compresses 2 pixels into 1 byte
giving you 16 posible colors from a pallet you are using
the pallet is probebly the hard part of the image format since you want to share the same pallet for every sprite on screen.
the pallet encoding is a 16bit rgb in a 565 configoration that means 5 bits for red, 6 bits for green and 5 bits for blue.

this format is used for lowres mode and mode15 aswell as directdraw