What color combinations did you guys choose?

Not sure what I’m going to do. I want to see the devices innards possibly.

Buttons: White
Front: Clear Green
Back: White

(Though as a result of a slight mix-up where I thought my board wasn’t working properly my back is now a one-of-a-kind dark green colour.)

You might want to look at the pictures people have posted to see what Pokittos look like in real world settings:

The Lego pegs holding the case together, the pex connector, the micro sd card slot, and the headphone jack are all black, so I think black buttons are best for color coordination…(Also the screen looks black when it’s powered off.)

The battery charging indicator LED is inside the case, so if you don’t get a clear case, you have to rely on the light leaking out of the power switch hole to know that the Pokitto is charging.

The leaking light is easy to see, but seeing the led through the clear case is cooler…

The battery hides most of the back of the circuit board, so there is not much benefit in having a clear back…

Just my thoughts…

White back and buttons and either clear orange or clear pink front.

Peppermint back and buttons, clear front. I think same color buttons and back with clear front is very cute.

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