We are rolling again!

Hello all dear Pokitto-oers!

Today marks the day that Pokitto returns to the game for real. For a long time, Pokitto was in backorder status.

Today, I have been assembling new and improved Pokitto boards, manufactured in EU by our friends in Croatia.

The quality is very good, everything works as should, we have better and stronger USB ports and I am feeling super positive about things.

It was a tough period, moving the assembly to another country was not as easy as it sounds.

But the job is now done, I have just assembled 15 Pokittos and they are all beautiful!

Looking forward to building this community even further now that this difficult stage has been completed succesfully!



Awesome!! I look forward to meeting and welcoming new members to Pokittoland :smiley:


Congratulations … glad the teething problems and version control issues are sorted out!