Warring Hands [WIP]


Warring Hands is a unique trading card game that can be played on the Pokitto! With 120 unique cards, you’ll be able to create your own decks and battle against all sorts of opponents. You’ll even be able to connect two Pokittos together to go head-to-head against your friends! The more you battle, the more cards you’ll unlock.


  • Unique and fun strategy-based TCG
  • 120 unique cards to collect and use
  • Deck editor to customize and save multiple Decks
  • Earn coins to buy more card packs
  • Battle tower with 12 different opponents
  • Battle against your mirror match!
  • Link battle between two Pokittos to play with friends
  • Save all your data to your SD card!
  • Ability to unlock all cards (disables saving)

Game Rules:

In Warring Hands, 2 players compete with their own 60-card decks. These decks are made up of energy, creature, ability and enchantment cards.

Each turn, a player may play 1 Energy card, which are used to play other cards from their hand during that player’s turn. Energy cards are also spent in order to use a creature’s attack. Creatures can also be set to defend.

Creatures may attack the opponent’s defending creatures in order to weaken and eventually destroy them. Once they are all destroyed, creatures can attack the opponent directly, which lowers that player’s life points. Once a player’s life points reaches 0, that player loses.

Enchantment cards can be played that have special effects that change the way the game is played as long as they are on the field while ability cards have temporary effects. Creatures and their attacks can also have special effects. Effects can be tied together in special strategies and combos.

There are 4 different factions of cards that generally work better for strategies and require different energy cards. These factions are: Royal, Beast, Horror and Magic.

Decks are composed of 60 cards, but may not include more than 5 duplicate cards. The only exception is for energy cards.

Card List:

Click here to see the online spreadsheet of cards


There will be 12 opponents that a player can play against, but these are a few that I already know will be in the game.

Circuit Dude

Deck: 8
Intelligence: 10
Cautiousness: 10
Offense: 9
Defense: 9
Spell: 9
Randomness (Hidden): 0
Deck Type: Royal + Beast + Magic + Horror


Deck: 8
Intelligence: 8
Cautiousness: 2
Offense: 7
Defense: 6
Spell: 7
Randomness (Hidden): 7
Deck Type: Royal + Magic + Beast

Rooster (Bush)

Deck: 6
Intelligence: 5
Cautiousness: 4
Offense: 7
Defense: 3
Spell: 4
Randomness (Hidden): 6
Deck Type: Beast

Mirror Match (You)

Deck: ?
Intelligence: 6
Cautiousness: 5
Offense: 6
Defense: 6
Spell: 6
Randomness (Hidden): 4
Deck Type: Copy of your deck


These will be coming soon…

Project Status:

Design: 95%
Artwork: 50%
Programming: 5%

What Needs To Be Programmed
  • Main menu needs to be fleshed out
  • Battle menu needs to be fleshed out
  • Bootstrap application needs to be implemented (easy)
  • Loading and implementing the
  • Looking through the card catalog
  • Deck editor
  • Battle tower
  • Battle menu
  • Implementing basic game rules
  • Implementing basic enemy AI
  • Loading and implementing enemy AI bias
  • Card searching and function scripting engine
  • Card pack opening and shop
What Needs To Be Researched
  • Loading separate .BIN from the SD card through the SD loader
  • Direct drawing from BMP needs some implementation and features built
  • Finding the best way to load/search through a large file of card data from the SD card without using too much RAM
What Needs To Have Artwork Made
  • In-battle UI is designed, but needs to be implemented
  • Main menu UI needs to be fleshed out
  • Main menu UI needs to be created
  • Player portraits need to be created
  • A lot of cards need to have artwork made, still! Let me know if you’d like to contribute some artwork!

Planned Release Date:


What Is This Thread?

This thread is set up to be a general discussion thread. I will continue to update this specific post as more screenshots are taken and more progress is made. Of course, when the game is officially released, I’ll be posting it right here!

This thread will also be where you can post strategies and deck recipes, too.


I created a Discord so that people can join up and discuss strategies and stuff for this game outside of this thread since this game will eventually be ported to the Gamebuino Meta.


Is this still WIP? Sounds interesting…

I would love to, but I am currently working to push out Circuit Dude 2.0 to Steam and Android/iOS. I am also waiting on the library to better support displaying the graphics I will need for it.

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Hi, please remind me what this particular one was about?

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Hoping to get full-res 16 color mode. No need for it to be very fast.

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already in the library, mode15 takes a bit of ram but is pretty fast
if you want more colours in high res i have done it with the slime game but thats more complicated (custom renderer) just pm me or talk to me on discord about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, Circuit Dude is great and deserves to be on as many platforms as possible and to get a big audience👍


Wow! That is so encouraging! Thank you! I am also fooling around with Circuit Dude on the Pokitto, still! I just have to rewrite it from the ground up to include the new mechanics only present inthe PC version.


If it doesn’t need to be fast, you can direct pixel the screen, that’s what I did for sensitive.

If you knew what i did try to get up running circuit dude on my arduboy in the first place, you could imagine how much i like your game😆
I think it is the combination of simple idea, cute main character and clever puzzle what makes it a real „classic“.

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I started working on the game this way, but there would be a little bit of overlap, making it harder to manage.

Well, thank you! Please do consider getting Circuit Dude on Steam if you haven’t, yet! The next update will have 20 new levels and several new features, like a level editor and online level sharing. :slight_smile: http://store.steampowered.com/app/662410/Circuit_Dude/

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I would, but i never play on my pc, i have to work with it a lot and just can’t see it anymore in my free time😆
But on ios i would. And if you get the card game going some day i hope it is as successful.

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Is Warring Hands still in the eventual pipeline? It seems like an awesome addition to Pokitto and something that will totally help the platform. I definitely miss playing the Pokemon tcg on BBC.