VR glasses

I got to play with Valve Index glasses today.

… wow …

We have come a long way since the original Oculus.

Time to get into this stuff?


We had the HTC Vive at college and I didn’t really think of it more than a fun thing to try a handful of times. Though that’s just me.

Yes, that’s what I am thinking also. 15 minutes is great but to play / work extended time…

But yeah, the picture quality was way beyond the last time I tried (Vive I think)

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I envy you.

(Resisting the urge to go off on a rant about my miserly college and its general inferiority.)

I’m waiting for the technology to improve.
I’ve tried VR precisely three times and I’ve never really been able to get into it.

I really like the idea of being able to visit a personalised virtual environment*,
and some games (e.g. Elite Dangerous) I could see myself playing in VR,
but so far there aren’t many games that interest me enough to justify the price tag,
and I always find the headsets too uncomfortable.

I’m hoping someone will attempt something that’s more like a helmet (ideally Star Wars X-Wing helmets).
Most existing designs try to balance on one’s nose,
which I find quite cumbersome.

* I keep thinking of the holodecks from Star Trek.

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Holodeks are entirely different though. They don’t require folks to wear a complicated computer hat and allow optimal movement.

The VR I’ve tried always just feels crampy and then like I have to move carefully.

The image on the Vive was just like looking at a PC monitor with high specs so that wasn’t a problem. But I’d rather be able to have a screen to take breaks from :sweat_smile:

No, but it’s a start.

The one I tried most recently had a little environment you could move around.
The actual controls for moving around were pretty annoying - an awkward excuse for a wii remote -
but the environment itself was nicely made and somewhat immersive.

I think VR combined with an XBox-style controller would work pretty well.

You can usually pause and remove the headgear.

Personally I don’t have any problem with staring at a screen for hours on end,
though I’ll admit the headgear can get hot/sweaty.

@jonne, so when can we expect “Pokitto VR”?

Two Pokittos glued to some glasses. :P

We would have to introduce a 2x110 by 88 pixel mode.

I am not sure users could handle the virtual bliss of PokittoVR. The return to normal life would be so devastating.


Like this?


I got the Psvr for the ps4, and i just play Beat saber with it every weekend since purchase.
It is really nice to play, no motion sickness once you get used to it (for me though, cant say about others).

Have each Pok render the same scene from a different angle, I bet the @drummyfish engine could do it no problem. As the 2 pok’s would be next to each other, just communicate the coordinates though a serial connection on the PEX…


Yes, as you say you can do it with both my libs. You can try cross your eyes here:


Amazing :smiley:



I really works :slight_smile: It is funny how the barrels seem to be closer that the gun.

Yes it’s weird but can be fixed of course, it’s because GUI including the weapon isn’t “3D”, its position is the same in both images and so it seems to be at infinite distance.

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