Very good news from mbed - "add GitHub repository"

Hello all!

The feature I have been sorely missing (synchronizing mbed online and github repo) has arrived on mbed:

After spending some time in the wilderness, losing some grassroots appeal, mbed seems to be making all the right moves at the moment. They’ve hired some people to improve usabilitiy and reinvigorate the community (Marianne Crowder and Jan Jongboom) and it seems they know what they’re doing.



I had been planning not to use mbed much since I like to keep all my code together on github, but if syncing mbed to github is easy enough then I can just carry on as I would for any other project and just sync the mbed version every now and then.

You do not need to “sync” any more. You can import from Github repo directly to online compiler!

So you’re telling me I no longer have to copy-paste code from the simulator to mbed to test on hardware? Good move mbed!

Also, has anyone ever gotten mbed CLI to work on their machine? If so a basic tutorial would be very appreciated.

the link you gave has a installation guide, but it need allot of dependancy
i was looking at just using the arm-gcc compiler but have not succeeded in creating a bin