Uzebox Emulator


it would be fine to have an Uzebox emulator for Pokitto to run all the Uzebox games on Pokitto…



Hi Hartmut

I am a big fan of the Uzebox. I also know who you are. I have already been going over the Uzebox code and what you are saying can be done. This is a project we must begin, and I will give 100% support to it.

The big challenges with Uzebox on Pokitto are 2 things:

  1. Uzebox has much tightly packed AVR assembly. We need time and help from people who are familiar with how Uzebox works internally
  2. Replicating some video modes means skipping scan lines to make it work -> I have already tried this and the end result does not look as bad as some may think. It is perfectly workable.

Welcome Hartmut to the Pokitto community. I am going to start preparing the simulation environment & dev tools for everyone, and really look forward to working with you.

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when skipping scanlines, why not alternate which lines are skipped each frame, this will have the effect of blurring those lines and works quite well if there isn’t enough cpu time to manually filter the image.