Using getPixel and setPixel give me strange result

Testing some pixel effect (lights simulating palette shift pixel by pixel) I’ve faced some strange behavior.
This is a test code that should point out the problem:

  for(int y=10;y<60;y+=1){
    int c=0;
    for(int x=10;x<60;x+=1){
        //take the color of the pixel before
        c=game.display.getPixel(x,y);//<< toggle this line to see the difference
       //next color
       //draw it

Basically here I’m taking the color of the pixel in the row, and then use the next color to draw the next pixel. So I’m expecting something like this:

instead I’ve this:

Can anybody tell me where’s my error?

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Can you change the resolution and try again? I think problem is simulator


Bug in simulator…


Is something complex to fix? Does it also affect real pokitto?

No, its an easy fix. Yes affects Pokitto as well. It is not a bad thing, just reading nibbles (4 bits) in wrong order

Again, a new release of the lib that opens up this stuff is coming by Sunday. Then you can easily solve this kind of things also. Just wait a little bit

edit: by sunday I mean latest. Probably sooner

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Ok, just curious.
That’s a great new! Looking at the code will help a lot to get how things are done. Thanks for sharing.

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Now you can take a look yourself at the problem if you want. Its probably something very simple

Finally I’ve some time to spent on this issue. Thanks @jonne you really point me on the right direction, it was an easy fix with your suggestion. Just made a small PR to your repo.

Now I can experiment more with my poor texture light system:

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Merged. Thanks Filippo!

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