Uses of Pokitto other than games

Hi to all !

Can we create some apps(so called !!!) for this device? Means it’s micro controller platform and no official OS with it so can we create some apps with it? post some ideas.

define apps
you can write programs, similar to arduino sketches like read signals from the gpio
you could write a simple image viewer and painting programs, theres a sound tracker in the works by someone i think.

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apps means useful programs that can be run on pokitto
(eg. currency converter,calculator,todo list,simple math formulae info program)

Also if used with temperature sensor can be used for room temp monitor?!

yea ok sure that all works, but you cant easly swap them out

we can create sing prog(app) that can have multiple uses, include 2 to 3 utils together ?

kinda but you want to design with some sorta sense so these app bundles are useful

though maybe what you really want and if speed is not a concern some sort of interpreters like BASIC or FORTH
these micro programs could be swapped out and loaded from sd card easily
might even be able to write them on the pokitto, though gamepad keyboard would be a bit of a pain

ok when i have some sample code i will post it here

I have already spoken to inigojam guys about porting BASIC to Pokitto

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neat, i am assuming porting over tiny basic
i do wonder if we could go with a zx spectrum style of input for the editor, like maybe a list of commands over just a virtual keyboard

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Pokitto is not a toy. It is a full feature ARM Cortex-M0+ development board that can do anything from games to industrial level real time automation control. You can take it as far as you want. We will provide free professional level ARMGCC toolchains with hardware GDB debugging.


What’s inigojam BASIC?
An internet search provides no exact result… Would you have a link?
[edit] did you mean IchigoJam BASIC maybe?

Yep. Ichigojam. They were across the corridor from us and were interested in collaboration.

edit: they use NXP LPC1114 so code should run almost unchanged on Pokitto

neat, hope they extend there graphics system

A weather app would be cool, use the pokkito faces and if it’s sunny it’s wearing shades and if cold it’s extra blue and has visible breath rain it snow animations and have the temp in a corner. Just to give it something to do if sitting on your desk waiting for you to be done with work.