USB Midi example

Are there any examples of doing USB MIDI with the Pokitto? I’ve done a few Teensy synth experiments and I was wondering if similar things would be possible with the Pokitto. The sound chip makes great chiptune sounds, would be lovely to add a small chiptune synth to my setup :slight_smile:

The tracker seems already to have already a nice interface for creating instruments! If the sounds only could be triggered via MIDI…

Nobody has done it but I know its possible. There are usbmidi examples in the LPCxpresso sample projects for LPC11U68

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Thanks! I’ll start digging for information and update if I happen to get something actually working.

Wow, got it working just like that… too easy :slight_smile:


Maybe I’ll get some actual sound out tomorrow!


Nice. It’ll be interesting to see how your synth project progresses.

I also have some ideas for a midi synth and made a similar kind of simple usb midi input test program a few weeks back just to see if it works. I still haven’t tried playing sound. There are some other things I want to do before I go deeper into it.


Let me know if you make progress with your project as well! I tried hooking the MIDI library up with the PokittoLib tracker example and got it to trigger sounds, need to investigate the code a bit more next on how the pitches are calculated within the tracker etc. :slight_smile:

Got it work at some level :slight_smile:


Just amazing!

Could you put this to twitter? Or ask @jonne to put it there (Twitter: @pokittocom)?

That’s one incredibly catch tune.
I had no idea the Pokitto could pull off such music.

I hope that can actually be used with games.
The problem with music is that it always eats up CPU time,
so the question is usually “how much CPU time is left for the game?”.

Even if it can’t, a Pokitto midi player would still be pretty fun.


Well… It can’t, at least not by me :slight_smile: only the lead sound is coming from Pokitto, rest is from my diy Teensy synth and 2 Korg Volcas with MIDI coming from an old ipad. I haven’t explored the possibilities of the sound system properly yet though. I’m sure a lot of cool stuff can be done with it, like with the Gameboy.

Drat, bamboozled again.

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This (Rboy tracker) that made extremely compact music for atmega328 (my diy gamebuino classic) is in fact the original synth that the synth code in pokittonis based on

Nice! Is that PC software compatible with the current Pokitto tracker and available somewhere? It would be fun to be able to pre-program some tracks on the pc and do playback start/stop syncing via midi

Yes, it is stil compatible. The conversion to Pokitto was done by @NullMember way back when. The track structure and instruments are still 1:1

i’ll dig it up

Oh yeah forgot to mention: i wrote that tracker so naturally i have the source and it can be improved

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