Urgent: Linux Pokitto mount points, please report


On my Ubuntu, Pokitto gets mounted at /media/jonne/CRP DISABLD

What happens on other distros?

I don’t have time to start testing with other distros at the moment.


i think that the same on all Debian based os

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Thanks. I’m looking for the easiest way to detect / unmount Pokitto in linux

You shouldn’t use the mountpoint at all. Writing to the pokitto should be done in the /dev/sdx entry.




@FManga : but how to know which sdx is Pokitto? How would you do it?

(edit: ofcourse I have some ideas, but I’m open to suggestions)

I can check as soon as I get back home (it’s the one day I forgot to bring my Pokitto to work :stuck_out_tongue:).

The script in this post should help: [Solved] Uploading .bin to Pokitto under Linux


I think the path was the same on my Mint (/media/tastyfish/CRP DISABLD).

Sorry took me so long to report!

Fedora Linux GNOME Desktop Environment:
/run/media/tor/CRP DISABLD

If it is any help also, most of the time I just access this through sdb, as I don’t normally have any other media plugged in at the same time, especially on the laptops. So that is under: /dev/sdb

Came up with a start for a bash script that just prints the mounted CRP DISABLD directory of Pokitto.

path = findmnt -lo target | grep "CRP DISABLD"
echo $path