Update #14 Pokitto Game+Watch? Real time clock in testing!

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions for improvements. Talk.pokitto.com community has suggested adding a Real Time Clock to the Pokitto. This means Pokitto is able to keep time and could be used as an alarm clock and/or a time-based digital pet, similar to “Tamagotchi”.

We have looked at the schematics and costs, and we also think this would be a great addition. We are in progress of spinning an even MORE improved version of the Pokitto and we will soon test how the real time clock works and how we can support it.

This is also published at Kickstarter page. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1754284174/pokitto-easy-to-learn-and-program-gaming-gadget/posts/1891879


Wahou exellent News !!!

Did you think this could be ready for the kickstarter Buyer too ? (personatly i could wait my pokitto to have this feature ;))

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If it works as planned will be on all boards. We will know it very soon

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Real time day/night events like in Pokémon games XD i can see it already