Transparent case + RGB led = Colorful Pokitto?


Probably too late to add this to the pcb, but an RGB smd led integrated in the motherboard will be really nice. What you think?


Oh man. It is an another good idea.


You mean like one of those Afterglow game controllers?


The Arduboy has an RGB LED on PWM pins, so you would need one (or emulate it in an unused area of the display) if you want full compatibility with the Arduboy libraries and games.


More or less @trelemar.
I’ve a Philips TV with ambilight. The tv software is crap, but this backlight make the screen looks great, especially with low lights. It use colors based on screen image, that could be implemented easily with software.
Or add some special effects like: lightening, heart beat, color mood (could you image pokito face turn red when embarrassed :blush:


Also for things like player health or weapon charge or shield percentage level. Green through to amber through to red.


Its a good idea yes, but I need to check with Daniel, as I think our last PCB rev is in the factory already. Maybe a 2" color TFT is some consolation.


Perhaps this could be done with a hat? If you have a transparent case, you could aim the LED inward from the outside at the top?


Imagine racing game + rgb led… 3,2,1,go = red, orange, green, flashing white…
Or imagine fps wolf like game - when someone shoots you - red led…