[Tool]Pokitto Emulator

Progress update:

  • SD card code ported from ProjectABE
  • Implemented ROM functions for writing to Flash


Now that that’s working, I can start my custom Loader.


I had to wait in a really long line today, so I used the time to get multi-threading to work on Windows and managed to release a new build.
List of new features:

  • Limit emulator speed to more closely match hardware
  • F7 to Pause/Resume and F5 to Restart emulation
  • F2 - PNG screenshot. Or -s X command line flag, saves an image after X frames.
  • Multithreaded-rendering that actually works. Even on Windows!
  • Optimize code
  • SPI + SD card emulation. Use with -I sdcard.img
  • ROM API Loader functions support.
  • printf prints to the console on Linux (and Mac?). Not ready on Windows, yet.
  • support for mon reset in GDB (still in testing)


I need a MAC binary compiled by tomorrow! Please help.

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I’ll try to make a mac build this afternoon. I don’t have a mac so I’ll see if I can borrow one.

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Thanks! I would do it myself but I’m really busy preparing the lesson I need to teach tomorrow.

This is a make-or-break kind of situation.

I would like to provide a MAC emulator bin in case the kids want to continue to experiment with the program code at home

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Ah, I see. In that case it’d be best to make a statically-linked build. I’ll see what I can do, but Macs are completely alien to me. :alien:

It’s just like using a Linux box, without any of the benefits.


Here’s the game that the kids will be making, its called TinyPool

Its a pool game & tiny little physics engine. Developed entirely on a Mac and mbed online in one evening

TinyPool.LPC11U68.bin (31.8 KB)


As a last resort, if something goes wrong with the build, you can drag-and-drop the bin into this: https://felipemanga.github.io/PokittoEmu

I tested with your bin, it works pretty well in Firefox. Really slow in Chrome.


That will probably suffice for the purpose I need it for. Thanks!

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In that case, you might want to mirror it so it has a nicer URL.

No what would be even better would be to be able to load a binary by giving a github URL to the binary in the URL of the emulator

Then I could send a direct link to the students to look at the program were working on

I’ll see if I can implement that tonight, then.
It’s a bit fussy since github doesn’t have CORS.

If I hosted the emu and the bins, CORS would not be needed, right?

edit: what do I need to run the emu on Pokitto server?


Once I implement the url loading, all you’ll need to do is copy the files from here to wherever you want:

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I’ve attached my MAC compiled PokittoEmu which has been tested with TinyPool.

PokittoEmu (610.4 KB)


Sorry, I forgot to add - if anyone else tries to compile on Mac, there are a number of places where the following is required in sd.cpp:

static_cast<unsigned char>

When you try to compile, the error messages will tell you where this is required. I confess that I don’t understand enough about C++ to explain why.

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Thanks! Much appreciated!

@Jonne: Does this work for you? (might have to clear the browser cache or use private/incognito mode).

If I knew what the errors where and where they were coming from then I could probably explain.
I don’t have a mac though, so I can’t find out on my own.