[Tool]Pokitto Emulator

It should just work. Which game are you trying to run?

Currently only Noggin and Sensitive.

I see Sensitive uses Ticker, which I hadn’t tested yet. I’ll give it a look when I get home.
As for Noggin not working… well, that’s just odd. :confused:

Same here. No sound with jetpack.

I tried with KameraKatze! and the sound was there!

Unfortunately it stuttered quite a lot. But I’m still happy to have a bit of sound. :slight_smile:

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@spinal and @HomineLudens: I just tested Noggin and Jetpack, they do have sound. Did you turn the volume up? It’s zero by default. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll try I different build, I have multiple builds in my folder, some had issues. I probably test one without sound :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do the screen capture keys (F2 / F3 / etc) specified above work with the version of PokittoEmu that is packaged with the FemtoIDE? They are not working for me but it might be that I am using a Mac and don’t work on the freestanding PokittoEmu either.

I can’t help but think of our (Aussie’s) native bird …


So I’m not the only one with the Emu thing :joy:

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Isn’t there a cream made of that too? :laughing:


@filmote … friend of yours?



The freestanding emulator and the one in the IDE are exactly the same. The shortcut keys are supposed to work, and they do on Linux/Windows. If they don’t on OSX, it’s probably the same issue that breaks shortcuts (like pasting) in the IDE.

Can we name the sequel PokittoCassowary?


Emus might be more famous, but Cassowaries are by far the cooler dinosaur bird.

(I was going to post a video of a Scottish man walking an emu, but unsurprisingly it had too much swearing.)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s SuperBogan!


Did you try to change the behaviour of Fn Keys?

Yes I had tried that fix but the latest Femto seems to have sorted it all out by itself!

The original cut / paste issue is also solved.

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PokittoEmu v1.0.2

I didn’t want to make everybody download a whole FemtoIDE release because of an emulator update, so you can download either the Windows or Linux builds in the meantime. Get the appropriate zip and extract it over FemtoIDE/(linux|windows)/PokittoEmu(.exe).

  • Made window resizeable. Added scale2x algorithm option (cycle sizes and algorithm with W key).
  • Improved audio
  • Fixed crash with useless DMB instruction
  • Windows build is now statically linked, you no longer need to bundle it with a bunch of DLLs.

The new scaling algorithm (scale2x) looks pretty nice on text:


This is intetesting. What kind of improvement?

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The previous implementation stuttered a lot and only supported 8khz. The current one is more accurate, especially if your PC can run the emulator at 100% speed, and supports any sample rate.


PokittoEmu v1.0.4


  • Much more accurate CPU speed emulation (also in v1.0.3)
  • Much better audio in LibAudio games (also in v1.0.3)
  • Support for games in zip/rar/7zip. SD image automatically created from archive contents.
  • Support for I/J/K/L as an alternative to arrow keys, for 60% keyboards.

With this you can easily play games that require SD to work or stream music.


This is really great!

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