[Tool]Gameboy Emulator

If you wanted to start over I would say just have a button combo to delete the state and reset. That way you are sure to not accidently save a state when you wanted to load. So the user would know that doing a combo will just delete the state.

Just less confusing to me. Maybe it’s just me.

Quick question, does the emulator support real saves or the only way is to save thru savestates?

Any plans to make it support more mappers?

Either way, doing the wrong combo kills your save and leaves you somewhere you don’t want to be (either the beginning of the game or a “game over” screen).
I think the best way to do this is to load by using just one thumb to press B+C. One thumb loads, two thumbs to save.

The only way is savestates. Most of the supported games don’t support real saves, so it wouldn’t be of much use.

Only if there are games for other mappers that would actually fit in the Pokitto’s flash. The maximum supported ROM size is 128kb. The next GB cart size is 256kb, which doesn’t fit as it leaves no room for the emulator itself.


Ok… That must be why even though BombJack did converted with your converter… All I get when running it is gfx garbage? Or that could be something else? It’s 225k …

No, that’s a bug. BombJack was working in a much earlier build. Still haven’t had a chance to figure out what happened to it.

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I’ve just realised, the Gameboy had 8 buttons and the Pokitto has 7.

How are start and select being handled?

C is start.
The flash button in the back, below reset, is select.
I keep meaning to send a PR with that as button D.

I just pushed another update. This should fix the PD games @jonne asked about earlier, Motocross Maniacs, Bomb Jack… and probably a bunch of other ROMs that crashed with a white screen.
I’d also expect a slight speedup in a few games.

Bomb Jack has an unrelated bug: for some reason he doesn’t jump as high, making one of the levels impossible to beat.

Edit: I just checked, there’s about 20-30 games with mapper 3 that would fit in flash, but most are Japanese.


Really? I thought I was able to jump to the top of the screen from the ground level…

Anyway thanks for the fixes!

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He’s supposed to jump that high, for some reason he doesn’t. No idea why. :thinking:

There’s no bug at all. you can jump to the top of the screen, you just need to hold UP when you jump :wink:

Damn i love this game… an unofficial port of that game would be great. Too bad sound isn’t emulated this one has some nice tracks as well.

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Ha! I didn’t know that! :laughing:
By “unofficial port” I think you mean a remake?

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Yep that’s what i meant… Anyway, simple gameplay and addictive scoring system sounds all good to me. And the graphics should be nice on the pokitto.

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Anybody else been having trouble loading some of these games from the SD card?
They don’t overwrite the loader (if I flash the Pokitto the loader still works), but it crashes when it says “Success!” and it doesn’t boot afterwards (white screen of death). :thinking:

Example of such bin please?

UPWELL.bin (203.8 KB)

It it related to this at all?

FManga : any possibility of getting the .elf file? I could load it up in Ozone and see why it fails

Why would that be related to this?

I thought there was a white screen involved in both issues.
If not then never mind, my brain’s probably addled.

upwell.bin (218.6 KB)
upwell.elf (570.0 KB)
I checked the bin in flash after the SD loader crashes, it’s all zeros. :thinking: