[TOOL] Flashing to ESP8266 a new firmware image (Xploritto+ & ESPFlasher)

There are two different tools for flashing the ESP8266 chip in Pokitto+

  1. Xploritto+ by @bl_ackrain
    A file manager, ESP flasher, EEPROM manager, etc. tool for Pokitto+.
    You can flash an ESP FW file from SD card to the ESP chip.
  • Pokitto binary: [XplorittoPlus.bin|attachment (upload://ivrJk2MSUH9MEiQGDcIxmdIIOYZ.bin) (121.8 KB)
  • Source: 1635283532917_Xploritto.zip (63.2 KB)
  • TODO: Step-by-step instructions
  1. ESPFlasher by @Hanski
    You can copy a ESP FW file from PC to the SD card inside Pokitto (creates an USB drive of the Pokitto SD device) and flash the file to the ESP chip.

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