Wouldn’t that be the same as these? (defined in config.js)

    "C-,": APP.goBack,
    "C-.": APP.goForward,
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I think spinal wants something that can just do a “To Next Tab” (and maybe “To Previous Tab” by using “Ctrl+Shift+Tab”?) from the current tab, regardless of the tab history

By the way, being able to close the current tab with a shortcut and with middle click would be great as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t know they were in there, but Ctrl+Tab are default in most software.


It’s not Ctrl-tab for two reasons:

  • Those shortcuts existed before FemtoIDE had tabs at all.
  • Less finger gymnastics: left pinky presses ctrl, right index or middle fingers press comma or dot. Hands stay near home keys. In contrast, Ctrl+Shift+Tab requires either moving the entire left hand out of the keyboard (thumb+index+middle fingers) or the weakest fingers of the left hand (pinky+ring+middle fingers).

Of course, I could add Ctrl+[shift+]Tab to go to the next/previous tab if we really need it, but it’s of limited use without being able to re-order tabs. Also it’d be good to have Ctrl+W close the current tab.

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Release v0.1.6

  • Updated PokittoLib. Now with 100% more TAS Mode.
  • Disk img viewer
  • Better compiler error viewing
  • More elf colors
  • Fixed lsp error
  • Updated PokittoEmu

No Mac support in V0.1.6?

hmmmm, I’ve started getting this today…

Error: write EPIPE

Error [ERR_STREAM_DESTROYED]: Cannot call write after a stream was destroyed

Error [ERR_STREAM_DESTROYED]: Cannot call write after a stream was destroyed

"C:\\Program Files\\FemtoIDE\\windows\\clangd\\clangd.exe" -compile-commands-dir=C:\\Users\\Spinal\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\iCN6vn -pch-storage=memory

LSP closed with error=3221225781

Error: write EOF

"C:\\Program Files\\FemtoIDE\\windows\\clangd\\clangd.exe" -compile-commands-dir=C:\\Users\\Spinal\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\iCN6vn -pch-storage=memory

LSP closed with error=3221225781

What does it mean?

Sorry, not yet. I need to build the emulator on a Mac first and didn’t have the chance.

Did something change (ie, started happening after the update), or was it working then suddenly started misbehaving? Does it happen with other projects?

I look forward to it - when you get a chance :slight_smile:

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Nothing changed, it was working yesterday and not today. I didn’t try other projects, I will later when I get home.

[edit] I does the same with all projects.
I’ll try updating femto and see if that makes a difference.

[edit] Seems to have fixed it.

[edit] @FManga l is mode 15 broken?

As far as I know, no. It works for me, at least.

hmmm, I’ll try dropping back to 0.1.5, see if anything changes…


Nope, still get those errors. Something with Pokittolib must have changed, I’m setting mode 15 but getting low-res and when I manually enable the dac, I get a high pitch whistle…

Just to check, are you aware that you can post videos on the forum?
You don’t need to host them on Twitter or any other external service (unless they’re particularly long).

There’s a filesize limit.

… I’m putting #define PROJ_MODE15 1 in my_setting.h, this should work shouldn’t it?
– after hunting through the pokittolib, it seems that
is the only way to define the screen mode now :-/

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Cutting the size down takes less than a minute with the right tool.
(ffmpeg -i "input.mp4" "output.webm")

Ah, makes sense. The other ways were deprecated ages ago, so I cleaned them up.
Edit: No, I didn’t. See next post.


When were they cleaned up? I am still using the #define PROJ_MODE15 1 approach.

Sorry, there was a mix up. While I did reorganize those macros, I didn’t remove them… except for PROJ_MODE15, by accident. I’ll add it again and update the PR.

If there were a standard way of issuing arbitrary warnings I’d suggest warning that some of the macros are discouraged, but unfortunately there isn’t so any solution would involve using compiler-specific pragmas.

Unfortunately you can’t apply [[deprecated]] to a macro that the user is expected to provide.

Come to think of it, that’s another good argument for why we should eventually remove the macro system and replace it with an alternative.

Thinking aloud: I’ve never really understood why it’s so prevalent to define a macro as 1 or 0 when true and false are also possible and (arguably) do a better job.

Even more so … simply defining the macro should be enough. The value should be irrelevant.

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