Great work!

Is that implemented in PokittoLib so it is available in C++ too, and eventually can be made available in Python?


It was written in Java, but porting it to PokittoLib would be a very simple task.


Tiny bug (I think), drawLine doesn’t reach the last row (176).


hey @FManga
have find a bug in tilemap.js the read tiles function return wrong valus,
i traced it to this

pointer addr = this.data + ${3+num*(1+map.width*2*map.height)} + tileY*${map.width*2} + tileX*2;

it start reading the data at offset 3 when it should be 4 because the third byte its a layer flag.


I found that too :slight_smile:


Is Math.atan not supported?


I didn’t implement atan, but there is atan2 which should be more useful.


Theoretically atan(a) == atan2(a, 1) assuming Java follows the same definition as C++ and fixed points don’t skew the results.


Cool, I’ll give that a shot


If you’ve got a desktop java compiler, compare the output from that to what the Pokitto spits out.
I’m presuming there’s a print(float) function available from Femto.
If not, you might be able to print as a fraction if there’s a way to access the underlying bits.


cough Pokitto cough :stuck_out_tongue:


A hint: How to print a value of a variable in Femto debugger (only if the variable is not optimized out)?

  • Write in bottom of the GDB window:
    p myVariable
    If the value is float, you can get the value like this (float is of a fixed point class in generated C++ ):
    p myFloatVar.value/256.0


I only just realised what this was about.

Flicking between multiple forums using same software and layout gets confusing.


Release v0.1.2

  • Lots of misc bugfixes
  • IDE: Fix duplicate files in file list on Windows
  • IDE: Add “Open Externally” button to file list
  • IDE: Fix Ctrl+Enter shortcut in Java editor
  • IDE: Add missing F1 shortcut
  • IDE: control IDE from commandline. IDE <projectname> commandlist...
  • Java: Fix string.substring
  • Java: show Rainbow menu if Pokitto is turned on while button C is pressed
  • Java: Rainbow menu has less rainbowness
  • Java: Button.waitForPress halts until a button is pressed, without glitching the rainbow menu
  • Java: System.memory.isLocked() checks if it is safe to allocate memory inside an IRQ
  • Java: cast literal strings to pointer to get a raw address, without allocating RAM
  • Java: added Vector and Matrix classes
  • Java: added missing println variants (pointer, int, uint, float)
  • Java: Direct4BPP mode that blits 16-color bitmaps directly to the screen using a 256-color palette.
  • Java: Initial work on LowRes256Color mode
  • Java: added 256-color Miloslav palette
  • Java: Fixed bug in flipped sprites (thanks @carbonacat!)
  • Java: screen.textWidth correctly handles newlines
  • Java: sprite rotoscale and rotozoom
  • Java: Fix large font rendering bug
  • C/C++: New MiniLib project template


Do rotated sprites still go screwy if they go off the top of the screen?


Yup. There were lots of other important fixes since the last release though, so I didn’t want to delay this one any more.


Is this still the case?


I actually made a MacOS build, but since I can’t even run it I chose not to put it up with the other releases yet.


I can help if you like … obviously I have a mac!


@filmote nice to see you here finally. :wink: