Tinkering with LCD display code

I want to tinker/play around with LCD controller a bit to become familiar with the display hardware and driver code.

As a test I’m using the Hello word example and changed the following line in HWLCD.cpp and compliled it using Embitz

in line 234 changed:




Build the lot and ran the .bin on my Pokitto. I expected something to change. But the display remained the same. I also tested the other tests mentioned in the source. But nothing seems to change.

I reversed the .elf file to check whether the code actually gets compiled properly which it does. There must me something I’m missing. Any help appreciated.

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Have a dig through the screen refresh code, the rotation value is reset every frame.

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Specifically, you want to look at void Pokitto::lcdPrepareRefresh() in HWLCD.cpp.


Thanks @FManga That was it!.