Timings and deltas

Haven’t been coding yet, but seeing code from @adekto and looking at API I have a simple question.
Pokitto::core.update cycles logic and returns bool, but is any sort of delta time available?
One could implement a deltatime otherwise using Pokitto::core.getTime() ofcourse if precision is high enough.

I’m afraid that I could play with the sim on saturday at my earliest convenience. Does setFramerate imply any speed restrictions / timing intervals or is that rather for the display and/or update function?

Pokitto update cycle definitely needs a deltatime system. getTime precision is not enough for fine physics. There is already a port of an open-source physics engine that is not linked in to this preview, and it has a better implementation.

I am sorry but due to the Kickstarter campaign, I have no time to get deeper into this at the moment. Lets put it on the todo list and get back to it when we come closer to shipping the units.