Third evening (48.5 hours) 85.5% funded. Take a peek inside the funding

Hello all

Thank you everyone for tweeting and sharing, it has made a difference. Thanks to that activity, we have been able to keep the amazing momentum going. It is quite an achievement, I will explain why. Maybe someday you want to Kickstart something and this info will be handy.

I thought you all would like to see what the backing looks like at the moment:

Now, if you see, the “Projects we love” is waaaaay down on the list.

Kickstarter gets 5% from the backed amount. It is in their interest to give visibility and promote projects that they think will pull in money.

To do this they “lift up” certain projects by labelling them “projects we love” which means they are sorted high and are visible to people browsing Kickstarter

The reason why many projects “lose speed” 1-2 days after launch is because when Kickstarter sees a project has good lift off, they start reducing this “advantage”

The activity that we are getting from Twitter and Facebook and via external referrals is now picking up the slack from losing the Kickstarter “magic”. And for that I owe thanks to you all.

Today I have been busy negociating YOUR stretch goals. When business resumes tomorrow, I hope to start preparing for some exciting news for tuesday!!

We have read your comments about pouches and putting the development API online and we’re also working on those.

Now I will take a bit of time off, go for a run and go to sleep. Lets hope we hit 100% tomorrow!



Great! I am already excited to receive mine :slight_smile:

PS: Remember: Java update is available.