The start-up menu selector in loader keep moving down, is the down button broken?


My new arrived machine seems not working properly. In the startup menu, the selector in files and setting tab keep going down until it reaches the bottom of the menu. It is out of control. is my down switch broken?


I tried other games, the down bottom seems not working. and I found a blue ball-point pen marker(arrow shape like) on the board, next to the down button switch. Is it a faulty board or returned board?



That blue mark was made by me. I have sent you the wrong board. It’s broken.

I remember putting it aside. I must have packed that completely by accident.

PM me your name & shipping address and I will reship a new board immediately. I am very sorry for what’s happened :flushed:



This may sound dumb, but i find this somewhat cute…


Replacement is on its way!


Same! It’s like some kind of very weird QA joke.


This is why we love @jonne


Not the only reason :wink: