The montly competition ideas?


We have some rare :wink: gorgeous physical Pokitto Magazines which we cannot sell, because the page 18 is missing. Otherwise, they are good. You can always read the missing page in the free downloadable magazine.

I was thinking of having them as monthly competition prizes. So, what kind of competitions we could have?

Think of a game we’d really like to see on the pokitto. Say, remake Balloon Fight. Best remake wins a magazine and gets to pick next month’s remake.


The usual things…

Specific Genre
Specific fixed palette with X amount of colours
Limited controls (one button for example)

Instead of having competitions, we could just encourage people to make games and each month pick one or two released games to be awarded a prize.

E.g. funnest game (of the month), craziest game (of the month), best first game.

Though if it is competition based then I think it’s best to stick to having some kind of theme but allowing people flexibility (like using the programming language of their choice).

I find abstract themes work the best.
E.g. “space”, “Japan”, “snow”, “death”, “fire & ice”, “monkeys”, “Escheresque”

That could work well.

Restricting everyone to the CGA palette would be funny.


A good suggestion! One category could be: “The best documentation effort” (tutorial/API doc, etc).

Edit: If some category do not have any entries in a month it is just skipped.


Ok, so it would be max 3 magazine prizes for each month:

  • “Best documentation / tutorial effort”
  • “Best first game”
  • “Best game”

The community can vote for these each month.

Is this ok?

Should the winner pay for the postage costs (4.60 euros to Europe, 6.50 euros to the rest of the world)?

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Is that per magazine or for all three?
Would it be cheaper to ship 12 magazines every 3 months?

That is per magazine. In Finland, the posting costs are very high. I do not know of any group posting options, at least not for normal customers.

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That’s unfortunate.

I’m guessing Pokitto Oy can’t afford to spend €13.80-€19.50 each month,
in which case it looks like the cost will have to fall on the ‘winner’, which isn’t ideal…

And I’m guessing paying part of the postage cost probably wouldn’t be viable either.