The low res games mock ups thread

I was playing with the Gamebuino 2 palette and to see what could be done, but this would also work great on the Pokitto too. Go cross platform games! Here’s a mock up about a little pink guy that is definitely not Kirby.


looks great, what you going to call it?

Well, I would first need to make it, though it looks like a fun project. Not sure how I’d call it. I think I’d make it eat enemies with a large fully teethed mouth instead of breathing them in, and no flying unless you eat a flying monster. Change a few more things to not get a letter from Nintendo.

i feel you man, if you want you can use some of my platformer code, if not still look at it and complain to me about how bad it is XD i could realy take some help on it, never realy done a platformer before

@Drakker I don’t know if you notice, but the Pokitto APi is basically an extension and improvement of the Gamebuino API. I first had it completely different, then decided to make it really easy for people coming from Gamebuino - because why reinvent the wheel?

The improvement comes from having all levels of instances as ‘pseudo static’ classes.

You can actually access the same resources on Pokitto with the following shorthand:

Pokitto::Core game;
Pokitto::Display disp;

game.display.print(“Hello World!”); //is the same as:
disp.print(“Hello World!”);

If and when Gamebuino 2 does come out, I am going to port its library immediately to the Pokitto. Given that it has a smaller screen, it should not be a technical problem


A developer’s dream come true! That’s awesome.

I’ll just leave this here…


I have like 4 different projects going on right now but eventually I want to give a proper rogue-like another chance.


That looks super cool! I hope it will see the light of day eventually.


Hey thanks! I actually have an idea for roguelike I’ve been thinking about making for some time now and I think Pokitto could be the perfect platform for it. It wouldn’t look like this very much, but I really want to work on another roguelike soon.

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