Thank you everyone for the first day. A kind request to all

Hello everyone.

Today has been amazing. Working extremely hard we were able to keep the Kickstarter launch as planned. 25% funded within hours is not a bad start. Kicktraq is projecting 791% at the moment.

My deepest thanks to you all for being there and backing the project.

I will now let you in on a secret: we might be getting official support from NXP, the chip manufacturer of the Pokitto. Negociations are underway, and their attitude is very positive towards the Pokitto project.

If they see that there is big interest towards a gadget like this, we have a much better chance of getting them on board.

This means more resources, better tools, more users, more fun.

So, I ask from you all: please do your best to promote the Pokitto project!

I am going to sleep now, I am shaking all over from exhaustion. :sleeping:



Congrats and good job! :smiley: