TAS mode for Javitto (development thread)

I’d like to start this Topic as a development thread for getting a working TAS Mode for Javitto.

Current modes available in Javitto here: https://github.com/felipemanga/FemtoIDE/tree/master/javacompiler/femto/mode

PokittoLib TASMODE:


Started a new Sample project and created a quick TasScreen.java and copied all of the HiRes16Color.java logic into it.

Immediately ran into

Could not find matching draw inside Image. Candidates rejected. 
Can not convert: TasScreen into HiRes16Color screen, TasScreen into LowRes256Color screen, 
TasScreen into Direct4BPP screen

which is not surprising at all when there is no implementation of my TasScreen in the Image.java class :smiley:

This means it’ll need to be added to other classes looking for screen modes as well.
Such as Sprite.java