Taking care of BASIC necessities

Some interesting stuff & pics coming up tomorrow from the factory.

Meanwhile I will show you something I cooked up in 2 hours, inspired by the C64 font and the work on the Pokitto loader. Apologies for the low quality of the video, the zoom on my cell phone is really bad and a friend borrowed my SLR camera.

Tech background:

  • USBserial virtual serial port running on Pokitto
  • Connected by USB cable to PC
  • TOYOSHIKI TinyBASIC by Tetsuya Suzuki

I think BASIC is a very good entry-level language. I just hope there would be some graphics commands too (Simons’ Basic anyone)? Maybe we could extend Tiny Basic a bit?

Edit: Half-Bytes Tiny Basic 3 (for Arduino) looks interesting. There is no info about memory footprint thought.

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@jonne what is tbe footprint of tinybasic implementation on HW? Also, how much current Pokitto system SW take of flash rom?

Is it full functional basic? or sample code running on pokitto ?

Fully functional basic. But its a simple version. We should add drawing functions etc to make it better