Super busy times at the moment [continued]


Hi all

Christmas season is generating a lot of work and challenges. Everything is fine, we have been shipping Pokittos but I have not really had the time to be active here.

I will try to organize something fun over the Christmas holidays!



Don’t worry, some of us are quite busy too these days anyway :wink:. But thank you for the heads up. :+1:


I will try to be around for the fun! Time zones and festivities permitting, of course :smiley:


Hi all

Christmas season “backlog” is still continuing, compounded by the fact that I need to close the books on last year. Lots and lots of administrative work to do.

I’m following everything, shipping Pokittos. There is no need for concern - just know that I am around but its kind of hard to be very active on the forums.

As soon as I get all admin stuff (mostly the tax reporting and so) done for year 2018, I’ll be able to focus on the more “fun” stuff again!


Thank you for the transparency and openness about your status! That’s extremely refreshing for a community leader :slight_smile:


I think most people are still quite busy. I find January generally is a busy time.

Admin work is more important than the fun stuff anyway.


Is anyone else feeling a little guilty for not 'pokitto’ing, as much over Xmas. With real life etc. Getting in the way of free time…


A little bit, yes. But I made some maps for pokitgp and got my wife to test them :smile:


I’ve almost gotten things done, the situation is getting better.