Suggest a game to do next (a.k.a. Game idea Survivor island, ep. 1)?


I really want to help with games too. I’m trying to learn how and get going but my minimal experience on fantasy consoles doesn’t really get me far. But I know how to code in general since my day job is software engineer. But I’m pretty new to c++ yet.


Apart from the alien sprites, Pokitto Grand Prix is actually pretty close to this.
If we replaced the aliens with some original characters and fleshed it out a bit then Pokitto Grand Prix would fit the “original game” criteria.

We do have one or two other purely original games, like Pixonia, Polar Parcel and Mars Attack - these are the games the Pokitto will be remembered for, not ports of Gameboy games or Gamebuino Meta games (no offence to anyone who worked on those).

(Polar Parcel still my favourite game in terms of aesthetics. The code itself is a tad messy, but the game itself is really polished.)

I’m guilty too, I granted immunity to a port. :P
(At least it’s a colour port of a monochrome game, so that makes it more of a remake I guess?)

If you ever get stuck on anything, I’m open to any questions whatsoever, no matter how big or how small.

(And here’s my standard suggestions of trying this tutorial and checking out my resource collection.)

I also really want to force myself to make a better game than Noughts & Crosses, but I struggle to maintain motivation.

I find that writing games can be a bit of a slog at times, and oddly I prefer to work on libraries than game code because I like the challenge of designing good architecture, and it gives me a chance to stretch my knowledge of the more advanced features.


I’ll remember! Thank you so much!


Pokitto Game Idea Survivors Finals

The finals will be played in J’accuse! format



The rules are very simple. The Batcomputer (played here by Phoenix Wright) is the prosecutor. The audience (meaning you guys) are the defense.

Understood ?


Maybe :smiley:


OK, please allow a moment for the prosecution to state its first case.


I believe so… An horde of Lemmings come back from the limbo and win the game, right?


Case #1 People vs. Shoot-em-up

Herr Shmup,

from our records it is clear, that you have been in the game business for a looooong time. Some might say even too long. Over the years you have sold millions of copies of your 1981 hit game “Sidescrolling Ship Against Cave Aliens”, as well as its sequels including SSACA II, SSACA III “Return of the ship”, SSACA IV “The Aliens Strike Back” and SSACA V “Oh no, more caves”.

Isn’t it therefore true, Mr Shmup, that you have brought very few new ideas to gaming in the past two decades, and whatever your company will produce for Pokitto will be “same old, same old” with various levels of eye candy added? Why should we believe there is anything in your offering that will warrant a second look by anybody interested in Pokitto?"

What does the defense say?

(you may cross reference other shmup titles and present pictures and other evidence if needed)

Remember to begin with Your honour, :wink:


Your honour,
Is it not evident by the sheer number of schmups available across a multitude of platforms that we of Pokitto also need a schmup title representative of our platform?


Just so that you can peddle more cave-flying to the unsuspecting public?


Your honor,
There is something relaxing in to be able to shoot down millions of enemies. Would you like to deny that from Pokitto users? Besides, we could make the best explosions ever in the 48 MHz MCU!


And how do you plan on supporting these millions of baby aliens? Do you have a steady job mr Hanski? As you know, aliens don’t just appear from thin air! Someone must design them and their swarming paths. Think of the poor baby aliens! Who will take care of them and make them (and their giant mother) a nice cave to live in. Have you thought of that, Mr Hanski?


I can take,care of moving them around, in good speed. For the graphical design issues I must turn on the Pokitto community or internet.


A good reply.


You forgot ‘Your honour’ :scream:


We forgive Finns. They are not used to such complexities.


Maybe substitute design with generation and curation?



The court notes this as a possible alternative, though we are not sure of the handsomeness of alien offspring generated in such a way.

Nevertheless, it opens interesting possibilities that may help the accused, Mr Shmup, break from his cliched format.

We also note, that a second reply was made without “your honour”.

This may harm your client moving forward.


Who is this Jack Hughes? :P


Three words: 弾丸の地獄 (jyoudan no jigoku),
or in English: Bullet Hell

He said “Your honour”, not “Your honor” :P

Also, ‘shmup’ is a really funny word.


Your honor,
can you deny that you, like all people of the court, have already played some shump with another console, or with your mobile even? How can we prevent the same natural propensity in the act of shumping to this new little console?

And what about your affirmation of “same” can be referred to some new title like (the one that I spend 15minuts to serch for, look awesome, but I can’t find anymore…), well you all know which one, with such a cool story…

Well, and the Joy Hat! The Joy Hat what best companion should be a shump?