Suggest a game to do next (a.k.a. Game idea Survivor island, ep. 1)?

suggestion phase is over, prepare for tribal council


I can already hear the conga.

Apparently I need to do some trickery to make a hidden poll. May take a while

Tribal council 1

Note! You may only start voting after I say so!


To be perfectly honest, I really have not been a big fan of games like:

    • Pinball
    • Lemmings clone
    • Castleboy
    • Dungeon crawler
    • Shmup (shoot-em-up)
    • Wolf3D type game
    • Zelda-esque top down adventure
    • Little Pokitto people
    • Simple puzzle-y platformer
    • Micro Minecraft3D
    • Outrun-y driving game
    • Multiplayer Bomberman

0 voters

You may vote now!!

Edit: No, you can not se the results until I make them visible

One vote only!

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I can give only one vote?

For this round, one vote only

Shuold I have vote what I like not?

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It’s an elimination round. Vote for one game to kick out.

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I’ve just wasted my vote :joy:

… and your idol! :kissing_heart:

Edit: no it was kind to give it away. But you could have countered your vote!

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It’s a kind of tactic, create compassion for the final round :wink:

if you click on “Hide Results” you can change your vote.


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::laughing: …that’s right!

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That’s not a bug, it’ a feature.

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I’ve never noticed it before

… on a side note, I’d like a few more results before I reveal the vote

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@Zockeromi , have you voted already?

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Unfortunately, I set 9 as the min votes limit in the batcomputer.

We have to wait

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Hi, yes i voted, couldn’t access the forum, because i was uploading something on my youtube channel and my old internet isn’t capable of doing two things at once😆

And did you understand the format of the vote? It was to eliminate choices?