Suggest a game to do next (a.k.a. Game idea Survivor island, ep. 1)?


Woo. It seems I get to close the vote


#Step 2.

America’s next top model is:

  • Castleboy
  • Little Pokitto people

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9 votes to close


Oh my gosh Little Pokitto People made it to the next round!


shump laaaast! How can be possibile?


I changed my vote since it was gonna be draw


Can someone be more specific about “Little Pokitto People”? I voted for it as it seems more unique than i direct port or whatever.


I’ve actually already contacted dir3kt about making a sequel, but if he’s not interested then we can re-use the engine to make something new, with new characters and enemies.

He hasn’t used the Arduboy forums in a long time,
so I may have to look for another way to get in contact if there’s no reply.

I saw it had 10 votes, so I resisted the urge to vote and closed the polls myself.
An extra vote either way wouldn’t have tipped the scales.

Are people voting without realising what Little Pokitto People actually is?


I think that is the reason people vote for it :smile: Everyone’s projecting their ideas onto this abstract concept, but no one knows what it actually is. That is also why I’ve been trying to go for the other games, because this can turn out to be a bit of an over hyped idea without a concrete vision. I’d like to be wrong though.


I hope that’s not true, otherwise this could get messy.

Anyone who hasn’t done so, please read the thread I linked to in my previous comment.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons CastleBoy has gone down so well?
At least everyone has an idea of what it already looks like.


Maybe, it’s the game with the least amount of hidden surprise.


So, everybody happy or not?

Move on to Little Pokitto people dev thread?



Cool. Post must be 10 characters.


This game sounds big enough that there really should be a Game Design Document before the actual “dev” starts, to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Edit: Doesn’t have to be a long, detailed document. It’d do to have a short description of basic features/mechanics.

Edit 2: It would also be good to know who’s in the team so that the scope doesn’t get too big.


Basically it is a “game” the original virtual pet, you optimally get a little person who lives inside the pokitto you take care of her (so far I have only made the female model “Jenny”)
you feed her, give her water and records ect, more stuff will eventually come like playing games with the person, and of course more people will move in as well, I want to have male and female characters with several outfits and far styles so they will be different, on the C64 they supposedly were unique to each console.




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Have we got one of these yet, are we re-using the ideas thread?


This is your friendly dictator.

7 days and nothing has happened on the Little Pokitto people.

I think the idea, as enchanting as it is, is difficult to visualize and get active on.

(and I admit I have been super busy at work this past week)

I, for one, am ready to start working on the second-best idea, aka. Super Castleboy.

Shall I start organizing teams or what does everybody want?


I think there’s two problems.

  1. Most people aren’t actually sure what it’s supposed to be like
  2. Most people are busy doing other things because it’s December


Excuses, excuses!


Personally I would not have time for one or the other this month, sorry. No excuses there.