Suggest a game to do next (a.k.a. Game idea Survivor island, ep. 1)?


Our deathmarch decisionmaking continues!!



Excellent job on the Arduboy port.

This works like a dream.


Edit: the arduboy port works so well, that after we add sounds, it becomes a question if there is any point in making just an improved version at all


Runs very well!

I think the graphics are just too tiny to be really playable. There is a big difference in playability compared to Abbaye.


Just had my 2-member test team try it.

Verdict: too slow pace. But thats how Castlevania is


I agree with @Hanski, the graphics are a bit tiny but well done so far!


This is what Castleboy 2 could be heading towards in Pokitto:


I don’t think it can be called that, I spent all of 10 minutes getting it working.

This isn’t the power of my porting skills at work,
this is the power of the Arduboy2 port I was writing.

All I had to do was swap Sprites for SpritesB (until I fix that bug),
and comment out all the ArduboyTones usage and it worked almost out-of-the-box.

If I get back to work on it, hopefully it’ll eventually be a case of it working completely out-of-the-box for games that aren’t relying on .ino behaviour and/or GCC-specific compiler extensions.
(I know @filmote has a habit of using the ranged case statement extension.)

I think we should go for a scale-up colour port to make it stand out.

The original author included colour assets in their GitHub repo that never got used, so I think it would be good to make use of them if possible.

Look back to the original thread to see some of the things that were discussed:

I think we should focus on making a scaled-up colour remake of the original first, and then approach the original author for permission to make a sequel afterwards, at which point we’d be able to take the scaled-up colour remake as a base engine and adapt it to make the sequel.

Making the scaled-up remake first would give people who haven’t played the original chance to play through it whilst the sequel is being made.

And if the author doesn’t give permission to make a sequel then we can still make use of the code to make what would have been the sequel and distance it from its Castleboy origins so we end up with something more original.


That’s what I meant, ofcourse


Sounds like a good plan to me


Good news, I’ve figured out what the bug is, and it’s completely my fault.

I looked at Sprites.cpp and discovered this:

// TODO: Implement drawPlusMask mode functionality

So the bug is that I didn’t get round to implementing drawPlusMask. :P
(Or I did and I’ve accidentally lost the file where I had it working.)

In the words of the late Barry Elliott: “Silly me”







Let’s do a two step jury (1 out of 4, then 1 out of 2). Poll closes at 9 votes.

Please discuss if you want to convince other members to vote for a certain outcome.

Step 1. Choose one

  • Castleboy
  • Little Pokitto people
  • Dungeon Crawler
  • Shoot-em-up

0 voters


Little programmable pokitto people. What better game to launch a culture for pokitto? A unique aspect to span many native titles.


But how would you start such a development?


vote wisely, thousands of small lemmings’ s eyes watch you …


Possibly by designing a number of minigames that are solvable through tiny “programs”. Almost like a genre related to warioware. This stage would be abstract of course. Not sure if we would need the programming mechanic designed first. It would be amazing if we could somehow utilize LILIDE :slight_smile:

Then communitywise the design for the little Pokitto people should be settled on. Then when standardized it can be easier to add them to more genres and games.


One thing programming a group of people would be teaching well could be multithreading, synchronization, shared resources (imagine a toilet being a critical section that max one person can occupy), IPC, … I kind of liked the programming system in PostBot (Gameboy game I converted) – it wasn’t a full turing complete language, just a fixed number of slots for instructions plus one function – but it was exactly enough for the game and to teach many concepts. And easy to implement.

Oh BTW, vote dungeon crawler :smile: I just think it would be the coolest game.


I totally agree with the PostBot idea! Would it be too difficult to say, double the amount of instructions? Would then be similar to doing block based asm puzzles like Zachtronics games :smiley: or Opus Magnum. Oh my gosh I love opus magnum


Castleboy is kind of a low hanging fruit: it works already pretty well on Pokitto. It is an easy start for a community project. IIRC the missing things are: audio, eeprom, colors and scaling.

Also, if wanted, we can possibly continue to the next project, Castleboy 2, which could be designed from the ground up for Pokitto. We can improve much in terms of graphics, effects, levels etc. Note that it is still open if we get permission (and possibly also help) to do that from the author. But in any case we can make some Castlevania clone after Castleboy.