Suggest a game to do next (a.k.a. Game idea Survivor island, ep. 1)?

Hiya Pokitto friends

Collaboration on l’Abbaye des Morts turned out to be a very productive way of working and we would like to continue using the same method to make best games possible for Pokitto. This time we want the whole community to be a part of the team. When we all focus on a game at a time (instead of 10 people making 10 unfinished games) we can make stuff that is fun for everyone and actually gets released.

What we’re going to do:

  1. first, give some ideas on what games you’d like to see on Pokitto. Try to think of games that are suitable for Pokitto (fit on 220x176 screen, can be played with gamepad)

  2. Next week we will make a poll of the suggestions and consider what can be done

  3. we will create the game in open but organized way and try to document and show how the game gets done so that as many people as possible can learn of the process, even if they are not able to contribute any code or graphics yet. In the Abbaye des Morts case having a couple of testers would have been useful

Your suggestion can be a game that already exits but is unfinished or a completely new idea.

Keep your suggestions as clear as possible. If this thread becomes too much a discussion thread, unnecessary chit chat will be deleted.


Game suggestions. Time 4-5 days.

Go! :kissing_heart:

Suggested so far:

  • Pinball (eliminated in tribal council 1)
  • Lemmings clone (eliminated in tribal council 2)
  • Zelda-esque top down adventure (eliminated round 3)
  • Outrun-y driving game (eliminated in head-to-head)
  • Multiplayer Bomberman (eliminated in head-to-head)
  • Castleboy
  • Dungeon crawler
  • Shmup (shoot-em-up) Back from the dead, just caught the plane to the Finals!
  • Wolf3D type game Knocked out by Dungeon crawler
  • Little Pokitto people
  • Simple puzzle-y platformer Knocked out by Dungeon crawler
    * Micro Minecraft3D Knocked out by Dungeon crawler

I really would love to see a pinball game with a lot of secrets/levels, changing surface of the main table, etc. Like Dragons fury for example…


My turn. Lemmings.


@TokyoBatman, I didn’t forget! I never forget!


Very good idea, let’s have an official game in development that a lot of people collaborate on and document the process. I am very motivated to contribute to this. My list of suggestions is long, but let me pick one for this thread:

an oldschool dungeon crawler, like this


Some native screen mode shoot’em up, e.g. continue Jonne’s 1941-clone (if that is ok), or other shmup. Support for rumble/analog stick also.

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Wolfenstein 3D - style game using @drummyfish 's renderer


A Zelda / Binding of Isaac action roguelike?

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A Minecraft game with Drummyfish demo 3??


You could always do the little pokitto people lol


I would like to see a simple platformer on Pokitto, preferably along the lines of ‘you have to win the game’ , I played the C64 version through a while back, I think this style would work great on the small Pokitto screen!

(not my video)

Game suggestions phase closing soon

Ok, it seems there is no need to drag this on for a looong time. We will essentially get a list of all different game types.

Tonight starts phase two “Game idea Survivor Island”

You still have time to submit ideas until we start phase 2. And, hey remember:


EDIT: because @HomineLudens did such a great job getting Abbaye to reality, the Batcomputer has granted him an immunity idol. It means whatever he proposes / chooses from the existing ideas will survive phase 2 no questions asked.

EDIT2: Valid excuses for why you also deserve an immunity idol are accepted. Not applicable to @FManga , because he plays in god mode :wink:


Would be so ultra awesome!

The tribe will be asking each one some tough questions :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Edit … or, were you asking for an immunity idol?

Immunity is a good thing :smiley: Still in need of a Wolfenstein Cline for my Pokitto :smiley:

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One more idea and I shut up I promise: The Witness clone.

You’re free to put in ideas. Stage 2 is where the game begins.

What to say: I’m honored from this recognition :blush:.
It also true that the biggest gift I could ever imagine to receive was to complete the porting working with such a great team @FManga, @drummyfish and you @jonne.

For this reason I’ll donate the “immunity idol” to another person that help me and others here in the forum:
Make good use of it @Pharap

Now my democratic propose:

  • Shoot em up game, maybe some R.Type inspired.
  • Bomberman is a classic, with multiplayer support.
  • Super crate box clone.

I’ve something more to say: I’ve scrolled most of source available in this list
IMO mostly:

  • will not fit well with pokitto resolution
  • need some original resources that we can’t provide
  • have hardware spec too high.

From my personal experience with Abbaye port, the best think we had from original port was the assets.
I’m not an artist and starting a project without resource make me very doubt it can be accomplished.
Also Abbayes was a total porting very close to the original game, It fit so well with Pokitto screen and capabilities that I believe is very unlikely the same result can be achieved with other games.


A noble gesture. This is in the true spirit of Pokitto.

But (in Jeff Probst voice) the game is just about to begin, and time will tell if it was wise move or not


I would like a Outrun type of game, there is already a base for it with B-Rally.

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