Suggest a game jam theme

Hi all!

Let’s have a game jam, it has been too long since the last one, and now that we are on the final stretch of actually getting a reliable flow of Pokitto units, it is a good time to make noise again.

We’ve been discussing it on Discord but have not come together on a theme yet.

So, please suggest themes / ideas for a game jam.

  • 3D jam - games based on Anarch 3D engine
  • Summer Games jam - a sports / Olympics theme jma


  • Cats and dogs
  • Featuring Pokitto
  • Higher and higher

I suggest that, for the low-entry jam, the jam submission could be implemented with any programming language supported by Pokitto, e.g. C++, Python, Pine 2k, Javitto, etc.


I agree with @Hanski - no tech limitation.

A few ideas!

  • One Button
    • For the gameplay. Doesn’t include a restart/menu button.
    • A menu that is opened with another button cannot be used as a gameplay feature (e.g. inventory).
  • A Single Minute
    • The game ends after exactly 1 minute of gameplay.
    • Not necessarily 1 minute of real-time tho - could also be like the time limit in chess.
  • Time loop
    • After a given amount of time, the world/scene restarts to the start point. Or does it really?
    • like Edge of Tomorrow or Majora’s Mask.
  • 100% for Kids
    • e.g. toys, fruits, cute things, etc.
    • Simple gameplays are favorised.
    • Violence / adult theme are either fully banned but could also be very simplified - e.g. a toy being on its side instead of being destroyed.
    • Geared toward kids obviously.
  • Olympics / Sports
    • Since there will be the 2020 (2021) Tokyo Olympics!
  • Incremental
    • e.g. rolling a snow ball that eventually become huge.
    • Could include some clickers?
  • Real-time based
    • A game that behaves differently depending on the time.
    • E.g. seasons, day-night cycle, etc.
  • Infinite Exploration / No Limits
    • In any kind of direction: x, y, z, scale (big or small).
    • You can go into a direction without any kind of serious/permanent barrier.
    • Would probably give very Fractalish games.
  • Mass-Transportation / Travel ?
    • E.g. mini metro, train tycoon, The Long Drive, …

Very nice ideas :slight_smile:


We need to have a poll of all suggestions after a while.


How about…

  • Joe jam

I agree!
How about we give it the whole week so more ideas gather, then next monday - which will be hopefully @jonne 's favorite day ever by then - we make a poll?

that’s actually quite a fun suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

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To pluck some ideas from thin-air:

  • Japan
    • Must involve some aspect of Japanese culture or aesthetics.
    • E.g. Tending to bonsai trees, conducting a tea ceremony, catching falling sakura petals, preparing sushi, wabi-sabi aesthetics, toriis and pagodas, fighting with katanas
  • Upside Down
    • Must involve being upside-down somehow.
    • E.g. Game might render upside-down, player character might cling to ceilings, player’s attack might turn enemies upside-down
  • The Roman Empire
    • Must somehow feature or be inspired by the Roman Empire
    • E.g. The Roman legion battles some other army, a day in the life of a Roman citizen, high-tech Romans in space
  • Spinning
    • Must involve spinning.
    • E.g. Main character spins like Sonic the Hedgehog, main character has a ‘tornado jump’ ability, game involves dodging whirlpools
  • Physics
    • Must include some kind of physics based mechanic.
    • E.g. A platformer, a physics-based puzzle, changeable gravity
  • Text
    • Must involve reasonably large amounts of text.
    • E.g. Talking NPCs, items with ‘flavour text’, the game’s core mechanic involving text manipulation

An invasion of Joe games :rofl:

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What kind of a jam would make @FManga @carbonacat and @tuxinator2009 and @torbuntu actually finish their current projects?

Edit. PokittoMag 3 jam?


Well in a jam I always start a new game. So… jam wouldn’t finish any of my titles in progress lol.

No tech limitations - i totally agree with that!
I would like

  • demakes
  • cuteness overload
  • light - camera - action pokitto goes to hollywood
  • virtual pets
  • black and white
  • games with a message (maybe with a charity/donation)
  • 80ties vibes

I’m actually still working on mine, I just didn’t have anything interesting to show. Nobody gets hyped over inventory management. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • oceans
  • edutainment
  • marching penguins
  • music
  • cat & mouse

cries in nobody
In reality, that sounds very interesting to me.


Also still working on them! but they’re not for jam. I don’t want to submit something I already started (except tech-wise) in a jam - I feel like this would be cheating
I do not want a theme that accommodate my current projects anyway

I will join @torbuntu on this one, it’s still interesting to check and it’s also news (can’t expect to have overhyping news every time you post)!

That aside, the list is going to get long, some pruning might be required!


It wouldn’t be cheating if the goal of the jam is to finish a pre-existing project. Maybe we’d finally get to play that game about a certain detective.

  • Finish that project jam…!

Suggested correction:

  • Finish that project jam…! #1