Stuck in demo

just got my Pokitto back, was trying a demo, now im stuck in it, shupping the pokitto off and turning back on, doesnt bring me to the “press c to menu” prompt, just back to the demo

nevermind, fixed it by loading the start.bin :>


:wave: hello! Glad you got it figured out there :slight_smile:

Some things to remember for the future:
Games can be made in a handful of different ways, some of them don’t actually have the same pre-screen of pressing C to enter the loader. For example Javitto you can press the back button in-game to bring up a menu with a change game button which brings up the loader. Minilib, a minimalist library for writing games, you have to actually hold a specific button while turning on the Pokitto to get to the loader (I forget if it is C or Up or Down you have to load heh).

Can also always ask questions in the Matrix / Discord channel! Lots of folks hang out there real-time and it is a bit quicker to get answers to some potential quirky things which are easy to resolve from those with experience :slight_smile: But here in the forum is great too! Plus, history is more easily preserved here for future reference :wink:

just a bit out of practice, had to fix my Pokitto and just got it working again, wanna reload the games im missing, not a programmer yet, but may give it a try


I use

This way as games get added to that I can do a git pull (locally on a PC) and then copy the changes over to my disk when I’m ready :slight_smile:

ihave heard that before, whats a Git Pull??

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The easiest way is to actually just download the Zip file by clicking "Code’ then ‘Download Zip’ as shown below.


Ahh ok thank you

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Very happy to have you back @jbach50 !

And what a struggle it was!!!

If anyone ever was pulled out of the Sarlach pit, that was you

(Explanation: I sent John 3 spare LCDs on 3 different occasions before it got throught to my thick fat head that he had asked for a spare pcb)!


My bad, git is a version control system, git pull is the command to pull latest changes from a remote repository (such as ones hosted on github in this case).

Downloaded the archive is just as good though :smiley:

then before you could send the PCB the people who clean the house for my mom (I live with and take care of my mom) threw the bag I had the disassembled Pokitto in, in the trash… :<

thank you, the other explanation worked, I downloaded the zip and copied to my sd, all is well again :>